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Below are some additional questions (about a dozen) that CAGW believers may be asked to get them thinking:

– When CO2 was much higher in the past compared to today, why did ice ages occur? Why didn’t the earth have runaway warming with hotter summers and melting polar ice caps with much higher CO2?

– What caused the ice ages to end, was it increasing CO2? There have been dozens of ice ages with warm periods in between. Precious few humans were around, though.

– How did the recently-discovered ancient hunter get beneath a glacier in the Alps, especially since he was mortally wounded with an arrow? Did he dig a hole through the glacier to die under there? Or was it so warm in those days (roughly 6,000 years ago) that the Alpine pass was free of ice, so that later snows covered the body and became a glacier? How could our time be the warmest on record, then? (refers to the pre-historic man’s body found in an Alpine pass, as the present glacier continues to recede.)

– The Roman warm period, and the Medieval warm period were both much warmer than today, so how did Polar bears survive those warm periods? PETA and WWF were not around back then.

– Why is the sea level decreasing off the coast of California? If CO2 causes oceans to rise, why is the Pacific not rising?

– Why are sunspots so very critical to earth’s average climate? Why were there so few sunspots during both the recent cold events (Maunder and Dalton)? Why were there so many sunspots during the 1980’s and 1990’s? (in all fairness, it is painfully obvious that no one understands sun spots, as the recent lack of sunspots came as a bit of a surprise, even to the experts.)

– Why do climate scientists (Mann, Hansen, and others) hide their data for years, and never reveal their calculation methods? What are they hiding?

– Why is the Main Stream Media so silent on Chiefio’s blog results, the March of the Thermometers? see http://chiefio.wordpress.com

– Why do thousands of scientists say (signed their names) that man-made global warming is junk science?

– Why do process control engineers know that increasing CO2 above 350 ppm cannot possibly have any role in changing earth’s climate? (This refers to Dr. Pierre Latour, and his excellent writings in Hydrocarbon Processing, and my summaries on my blog. In short, for CO2 to be the control mechanism for the planet’s temperature would completely violate the laws of process control. However, those laws are inviolable. Nobody can defeat those laws; they are much like the laws of thermodynamics.)

– If the science is settled, why are governments funding additional research in the billions of dollars per year?

– And this one just to get them thinking about the entire concept of Environmental Doom: if the oceans are so fragile and vulnerable to oil spills, how did the oceans manage after all the millions of barrels of oil were spilled in World War II attacks on oil tankers? Hundreds of oil tankers were torpedoed and sunk, and many hundreds more of other oil-fueled ships went to the bottom, leaking oil from their fuel tanks. (reference: “The Prize” by Daniel Yergin, pp 350 – 370) For those who doubt this, travel to Pearl Harbor, Oahu, Hawaii and visit the sunken battleship Arizona. One can stand on the memorial just above the Arizona, and personally observe the oil still leaking out. I have done this. It’s still leaking.

Roger Sowell  posted the below list of questions for true believers on Anthony Watt’s blog

Some Questions to Ask True Believers