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Debunking the Climate Scam

Billions of Dollars -  Fudged Data  -  Corrupt Scientists

Greedy Green Corporations - Trillion Dollar Prize

No Warming For Two decades - Illiterate Media

Bought and Paid For Organizations

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The very best video is: “The Great Global Warming Swindle”.  Many copies of this feature length film can be found on the web.

These are very good and are legal to copy, show & distribute:

Science and Context in the Global Warming Debate  View  here    Download MP4 file  Download DVD files here

Also see:

Science & Public Policy Videos Page

Unstoppable Solar Cycles

Climate Skeptic’s video page   

Page includes links to extensive list of videos


Prof. Murry Salby in Hamburg, Germany, on 18 April 2013: Relationship between Greenhouse Gases and Global Temperature (In English after introduction)

Bob Carter Video (Science and Context in the Global Warming Debate  View  here  

Download MP4 file Download DVD here )

BobCarter-Balance&Context in the Global Warming Debate from portland politic on Vimeo.

State Senator Jackie Dingfelder doesn’t know common facts about climate change although she chaired state hearings on climate.

Barack Obama: "Under my plan of a cap and trade system,  electricity rates would necessarily  skyrocket." (January 2008)


Karma Neutral (parody of carbon offsets)

Unstoppable Solar Cycles

Al Gore Defends his Mistakes

Interview wiith the questioner

Greenpeace's executive director, Gerd Leipold, was busted by the BBC's Stephen Sackur for lying about the effects of global warming

Sierra Club Head explains global warming to Ted Cruz

George Taylor

View or Download MP4  (Download DVD here )